Guidelines for Behavior at the Witch Trials Memorial

The Salem Witch Trials Memorial honors those who unjustly lost their lives in 1692. As such, the Memorial is a place of reverence and should be treated with respect and dignity. Voices Against Injustice raised funds to have the Memorial renovated in 2012. In an effort to maintain these renovations, we are reaching out to everyone who visits the Memorial to help us keep it in the condition it deserves.

Please observe the following guidelines at the Salem Witch Trials Memorial:
  • Stay on the path.
  • Maintain a respectful quiet for the space.
  • Feel free to leave flowers on the stones as a remembrance to those honored here.
  • Consider the contemporary lessons of the witch trials.
  • Take your time, sit quietly and contemplate.

We thank you for your cooperation in keeping this memorial a sacred space.