Rising Leader Awards

Each year we recognize students from our local community who exhibit a strong interest and a commitment to advancing the cause of human rights and social justice through the Rising Leader Award.

The nominations come from individuals and organizations who have observed the student’s work and the impact it has had on the community. Recipients receive a $500 scholarship and the gift of a book related to social justice. To nominate someone for the Rising Leader Award, complete either the online or PDF form by clicking on one of the links below.

Rising Leader Award Nomination Form (online) Rising Leader Award Nomination Form (PDF)
Name Year School
Jimena Pueyo-Garcia 2021 Salem High School
Jackinia Andre 2021 Salem Academy Charter School
Carol Kasule 2020 Salem High School
MaeRose Cheresnowsky 2020 Salem Academy Charter School
Anyfern Gonzalez 2019 Salem High School
Shannon Murphy 2019 Salem Academy Charter School
Elise Boehm 2018 Salem High School
Angelica Pierce 2018 Salem Academy Charter School
Sia-Linda Lebbie 2017 Salem Academy Charter School
Tayla O’Leary 2017 Salem High School
Jhonel Roberts 2016 Salem High School
Evan Aryoko 2016 Salem Academy Charter School
Cole Jermyn 2015 Salem High School
Edeswua Eghe Izogie 2015 Salem Academy Charter School
Chase Duffin 2014 Salem High School
Edwina Shakleton 2014 Salem Academy Charter School

The following video is a highly recommended and inspiring interview with Sia Linda Lebbie, the Rising Leader Award recipient for 2017. Since this interview, which was recorded in spring 2021, Sia Linda graduated Magna Cum Laude from University of Pennsylvania in 2021. Enjoy!