About the Memorial

Designed by the architect/artist team of James Cutler and Maggie Smith, the Salem Witch Trials Memorial was made possible by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and has won national critical acclaim. It was dedicated on August 5, 1992, by Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel. The Memorial is designed to be a place of respect and reflection.

When you visit Salem, we invite you to visit the Memorial, where you will:

LEARN – About the 20 individuals who were put to death in 1692 because they were accused of witchcraft.
DISCOVER – The effects of ignorance, intolerance and a faulty justice system that led to 20 deaths and the imprisonment of many more.
EXPERIENCE – The Memorial as a quiet place of reflection and contemplation.
CONSIDER – How do the lessons of 1692 pertain to present-day events?

The Memorial is handicapped accessible and appropriate for all ages.

It is centrally located in downtown Salem, within easy walking distance of many of Salem’s attractions, accommodations, restaurants, and shops. The Memorial receives more than 800,000 visitors each year.

The Salem Witch Trials Memorial (SWTM) honors those who unjustly lost their lives in 1692. As such, the Memorial is a place of reverence and should be treated with respect and dignity. Voices Against Injustice raised funds to have the Memorial renovated in 2012. In an effort to maintain these renovations, we are reaching out to everyone who visits the Memorial to help us keep it in the condition it deserves.

For complete information, go to Guidelines for Visiting the Salem Witch Trials Memorial. For more information on the Salem Witch Trials and the Salem Witch Trials Memorial, visit the Destination Salem's website www.salem.org. This site includes directions, parking, tour guides, accommodations, restaurants, attractions and much more for your visit.

1692 Fact Sheet
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